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Local Content Conference Seminar: Education preparedness

We all know that there are numerous economic benefits for countries producing oil and gas. Many of the direct needs would be in the areas of Logistics; accommodation, equipment; service personnel; technology; drilling crews; medical; administration and many more. What do all of these have in common? A need for an Educated & Skilled workforce. … Read more

Workshop Procurement 101 at Local Content Conference

With the discovery of substantial oil and gas reserves off its coast, Suriname is taking small steps toward becoming a significant player in the global energy landscape. As international investors gradually establish themselves in our country, local businesses find themselves at a crossroads, ready to seize opportunities or be overshadowed by foreign competition. It is … Read more

Balancing Growth and Sustainability: Examining Guyana’s Local Content Legislation in the Oil and Gas Industry

The recent surge in economic activity in Guyana, fueled by the discovery of massive oil and gas reserves in the Stabroek Block, has captured the attention of global investors eager to participate in the booming industry. However, as with any rapid economic growth, concerns about the potential impact on local communities and the environment exist. … Read more

Building a Skilled Workforce: Developing Soft Skills for Success in Suriname’s Emerging Oil and Gas Industry

In Suriname’s emerging oil and gas industry, developing technical and soft skills will be crucial for local workers to build successful careers. While technical skills are essential, the industry will highly value soft skills such as communication, time management, teamwork, leadership, critical thinking, and problem-solving. To prepare for a career in the oil and gas … Read more

Prioritizing Local Content, Sustainability, and Innovation in Suriname’s Oil and Gas Industry

Surinamese businesses can draw important lessons from the experiences of other countries with more established oil and gas industries, such as Nigeria and Trinidad. For instance, Nigeria’s local content policies have created opportunities for local businesses and stimulated the growth of initiatives that support the oil and gas sector. Furthermore, Trinidad’s focus on innovation and … Read more

Fueling the Future: Exploring Job Opportunities in Suriname’s Growing Oil and Gas Industry

As the oil and gas industry in Suriname continues to grow, so do the opportunities for future employees. The industry is expected to create many jobs in various sectors, ranging from exploration and production to logistics and support services. One of the main opportunities in Suriname’s oil and gas industry is for skilled exploration and … Read more

Nurturing a Skilled Workforce: Prioritizing Training and Education for Suriname’s Growing Oil and Gas Industry

As Suriname’s oil and gas industry continues to develop, it is critical to prioritize the training and education of local talent. This will not only support the industry’s growth but also help to ensure that Surinamese citizens can participate fully in the benefits of the industry. Technical skills are essential for training and education in … Read more